First, cleanse skin thoroughly to remove any dirt, make-up and oil.

Remove the specially-shaped patches from the box, ensuring you use the correct-shaped patch for each side of your face, as marked on the packaging.

Apply the appropriate patch to each outer eye area. Once in position, firmly smooth the patch over the skin with finger pressure for five seconds you should feel a slight sensation. The patches are not meant to adhere to your skin at this stage.

Remove the patches from each eye area and lay face-up on the packaging, while you apply the HA serum.

Use the separate pump dispenser to apply one pump of serum onto a clean finger and smooth over the prepared skin around each eye area.

Re-apply the appropriate patch to each outer eye area and leave in place for five minutes to ensure the HA penetrates through the micro-channels to where it is most needed. NOTE: the patches should now hold nicely to your skin, however try to keep your face as still as possible to avoid them becoming dislodged.